Stay Afloat Dip Pen Illustration

My first time using a dip pen and I had a lot of fun doing it. This is a design for some t-shirts that will be up in my store shortly.
Stay Afloat Dip Pen Illustration

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  • Around a month ago I was hired, along with other Cincinnati based designers, to design murals for a city-wide art piece called CincyInk. 263 people from around Cincinnati got 3 words each tattooed of a poem about Cincinnati. Then a handful of designers were hired to create murals of each stanza of the poem and I just finished mine up tonight! The murals will be plastered up on buildings throughout the city and you can walk through the city and read the poem in its entirety. Thanks to @artworkscincy for hiring me for such a cool project!
  • Just finished up this new reverse glass screen print & gold leafed piece with a custom-made dark walnut wood frame. Excited to get this hung up in my office for some extra motivation when I need it.

If you're interested in one I am taking commissions, so shoot me a message. The frame was made by @frameshopusa, so a big thanks to those dudes.

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