It Doesn’t Always Work Out & That’s Ok Print

My second screen print of a design I did a few months ago. These are available in my store for only $10.

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  • Just finished up this new reverse glass screen print & gold leafed piece with a custom-made dark walnut wood frame. Excited to get this hung up in my office for some extra motivation when I need it.

If you're interested in one I am taking commissions, so shoot me a message. The frame was made by @frameshopusa, so a big thanks to those dudes.
  • I recently finished up a branding project for a great new organization called More Than Lyme (@morethanlyme) In some cases Lyme disease can cause chronic fatigue by the people who have it. More Than Lyme encourages those affected with Lyme disease to live their lives to their full potential and continue exploring the world.

They contacted me a few months ago to design the branding for the organization. They wanted to incorporate a mountain into the brand to represent the adventurous lifestyle they promote and also because they are based out of beautiful Oregon.

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