Growing Up a Ghost Album Cover

My band, Growing Up a Ghost, just released our first EP entitled “Do Something”. I was really excited to be able to create my own album art and it’s definitely one of the largest hand drawn pieces I’ve done. It took around a week and a half to finalize the sketch, and then it took a few additional days to nail down the colors and final touches. I’m really happy with how the final design and the songs came out, so if you remotely like math rock/pop punk then you may enjoy it. Take a listen at and let me know what you think!

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  • Poster I designed for @raylamontagne's ‘Just Passing Through’ tour this Fall. These will be available at every show throughout the tour, starting tomorrow in CA.

This is his first acoustic tour in quite awhile. When I was told the name of the tour it reminded me of vaudeville in the early 1900s where musicians would travel from town to town with just a suitcase and guitar. So I wanted to create that feel with the poster and with Ray’s music being as timeless as it is it seemed like a good fit.

The posters are 5-color 18 x24”, and expertly printed by @grandpalace_nashville. Another thank you to @brianstowell for making it all happen.
  • Hand lettered branding and merch design I created for @raylamontagne for his acoustic Fall tour, ‘Just Passing Through’. I saw Ray on Tour last year, so to be designing for him a year later is really rad.

Big ole credit to @brianstowell for being the best merch manager in the biz.

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